Registration, AA (Innisfil Minor Hockey)

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1. Online Registration for Players selected for an IMHA Rep team will be open May 16th, 2019 and will close  June 9th,  2019. When registering online, payment must be in full.

2. Base Rep Registration Fees can be paid on-line by credit card ,E-mail money transfer ,e-chq at  (, by cash paid in full at the time of registration, or by post-dated cheques as following:  40% at the time of registration, 30% by June 30th, 2019 and 30% by July 30th, 2019. Team Fees and Team  Rep fees are in addition to IMHA Base registration fees.

3. Team Registration packages will be available to each team at the conclusion of the last scheduled tryout.  All Players are required to fill out a hard copy of Registration form (even when registering on line). Rep Team  registration is to be completed and payment submitted to the Team Manager at the first Team meeting to be  held no later then 2 weeks post tryout. *Those, who are preferring to pay with post-dated cheques, will be  required to submit registration form and attach all post-dated cheques at the time of the registration.  *Those, who are opting to pay with cash, will be required to pay a full amount at the time of registration and  will be provided with a receipt of payment. *Those, who are registered and paid online through,  will be required to attach a copy of the online registration and a payment confirmation to the Player’s  registration form.

4. The Team registration package is to be completed fully and submitted to the Registrar no later than June  16th, 2019. Any outstanding team registration packages will be subject to $100 fine per week starting June  16th, 2019.

5. If Player is not registered during online or at the first team meeting, a letter of commitment will not be  offered, and Player will not be considered a member of team. Rosters will be entered as packages are  received.

6. Coaches are required to submit their bench staff candidates’ names for an approval with their team  registration packages by June 16th, 2019. To be considered for an approval Bench Staff must have all  courses and modules successfully completed as outlined by OMHA (proof of registration and payment for up  coming clinics will be considered).To register online you will require the following:If you have used Hockey  Canada’s Online Registration System to register for another organization, you may use the same account to  register for Innisfil Minor Hockey, BUT YOU MUST USE THE WEB LINK PROVIDED BY Innisfil Minor  Hockey below. Don't use any saved/favourite links or you could accidentally register with the wrong  association!