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1.      I’ve lost my password for Spordle / HCR.  How do I reset it?

a.      Go to Spordle My Account enter your email address and click login

b.      On the following screen, click forgot password.  A link will be sent to your email account to reset it.

c.      If you don’t know what email address you used, then you must start over and sign up for a new account.

d.      Once you have signed up, you will need to link your children to your new account.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR PASSWORD.  Write it down and keep it in a safe place.

2.      Where do I register?

a.      You register online at this link MHA Registration Page (

3.      What is the Refund Policy?


Disruptions to the season because of Covid 19 restrictions would be paid on a pro-rated basis calculated based on missed ice times.  This does not include player illness. 

1. If a player, due to late registration, has missed part of the playing season a reduced

registration fee may be charged based upon the portion of the season remaining. However,

a reduced fee shall only be allowed if the lateness in registration is justified (e.g., player just

moved to area, had been injured or ill, or had been trying out for a Junior Hockey Club).

Players must be registered, and fees paid in full before participating in any game or practice.


2. Refunds will be granted only because of residential relocation or the player becoming

medically unfit to play as follows:


i. All players who leave IMHA before the end of the season because of residential

relocation may apply in writing to the Treasurer for a return of fees. The amount of the

refund will be governed by the date on which the request is received and shall be

calculated in accordance with Table 1, below.


ii. Any player who becomes medically unfit or receives an injury that prevents them

from participating in minor hockey for the rest of the season shall be entitled to a

refund. The amount of the refund will be governed by the date on which the injury

occurred or by the medical condition as noted by a physician and shall be calculated in

accordance with the Table 1, below.


The player must provide medical certification by a licensed medical practitioner in support of a refund request made on medical grounds.

iii. In the event of a suspension or expulsion of a player neither fee, nor part thereof, will

be refunded regardless of (i) and/or (ii) above.

iv. No late charges will be refunded



Up to September 30 - 90% of the registration fee paid will be refunded minus $100 administration fee

During the month of October

… 75% of the registration fee paid will be refunded minus $100 administration fee

During the month of November

… 50% of the registration fee paid will be refunded minus $100 administration fee

During the month of December

… 0% of the registration fee paid will be refunded

4.      Can I pay my fees by E-transfer or cheque?

a.      IMHA does not accept in-person payments for registration fees.

b.      IMHA does not accept Cheques.

c.      IMHA requests that its users use the HCR system to register and pay fees by credit card.

d.      For those members who have applied for funding such as Lace Em Up, please contact our registrar by email at [email protected]

5.      We are moving to Innisfil.  How do we register for hockey?

a.      Players transferring into IMHA must complete the online player transfer form. You must provide a copy of the player's birth certificate, Parent’s Driver License and the top portion of a recent utility bill as proof of address. A child will not be rostered to a team without this information (including Intro).

6.      My child has never played hockey before.  How do we register?

a.      If your participant does not already have a Hockey Canada ID# please follow the instructions in the link below. It walks new participants through the Respect in Sport process which allows you to get a Hockey Canada ID. Once you have an ID number you can register using the link above as an existing participant.

7.      How do I know which age group to register my child in?

a.      You can find the age reference chart below





U21 (Under 21)


20 and UNDER (Maximum six 20-year-olds per team)


U18 (Under 18)


17 and UNDER


U17 (Under 17)


16 and UNDER


U16 (Under 16)


15 and UNDER


U15 (Under 15)


14 and UNDER


U14 (Under 14)


13 and UNDER


U13 (Under 13)


12 and UNDER


U12 (Under 12)


11 and UNDER


U11 (Under 11)


10 and UNDER


U10 (Under 10)


9 and UNDER


U9 (Under 9)


8 and UNDER


U8 (Under 8)


7 and UNDER


U7 (Under 7)

2016 /2017**

6 and UNDER


U5 (Under 5)

2018 / 2017

4 and UNDER




** 2017 Born Players can choose to register in U5 or U7 depending on their previous experience.  It is recommended that new players enroll in the U5 Intro to Hockey Program.

8.      What is Rowans Law?

The Ontario Government has enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, S.O. 2018, c. 1 (“Act”). Ontario Regulation 161/19, the Act requires all sport organizations as defined in the Regulation (“Sports Organization”), which includes the Ontario Hockey Federation (“OHF”), to have a Concussion Code of Conduct. The OHF is in full support of the intent of Rowan's Law to create awareness of concussion, change the culture on concussion and provide safe sport participation. This Concussion Code of Conduct must require participants, as set out in the Act, to review the Ontario Government’s issued Concussion Awareness Resources on an annual basis

A participant is subject to a Concussion Code of Conduct for each Sports Organization a participant is registered with.

Applicable age-appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources are located at

The OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources must be reviewed before you can register/participate in the OHF.

• 10 and Under Concussion Awareness Resource 

• 11-14 Concussion Awareness Resource 

• 15 and Over Concussion Awareness Resource


Players/Parents will be required to review the material on-line prior to being eligible to Register/participate.

The Ontario Hockey Federation has provided the following method for the Minor Hockey Association/Club/ Team to validate that the Players that Register with the Minor Hockey Association/Club/Team to have acknowledgement of the OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the Ontario Government's Concussion Awareness Resources.

HCR Online Registration (PLAYERS)
Before reaching the payment page and checking out, participants, and his/her parent/guardian (if under the age of 18) will be asked to verify that one has reviewed the OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources by checking off the mandatory Waiver Box.


9.    Is financial assistance available?

Yes!  Financial assistance is available through various third-party providers.

We recognize that it can be expensive to play hockey. We want to ensure that every child can play hockey. There are organizations in Ontario that assist children to play organized sports such as hockey. 

Programs are listed below.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is a community-based charitable program that helps kids in financial need participate in organized sports and recreation activities such as hockey.

  • Applicants must be 5 to 18 years old
  • Funding up to $200 per child is available
  • A maximum of one program per child is allowed per season
  • Funding is available for different members of the same family during the same season
  • Funding approval is dependent on the financial situation of each child and will be determined by the Jumpstart Committee

 Canadian Tire Jumpstart     


Kidsport Ontario

KidSport is a grassroots Canadian non-profit organization that provides support to under-resourced children and youth 18 years of age and under by removing financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

  • The KidSport grant covers up to $250 per child, per calendar year, to go towards registration fees and personal sports equipment.
  • Children 18 years old and under qualify for KidSport funding.
  • Applications must be submitted 45 days prior to the activity start date.
  • The KidSport Ontario grant covers organized sports that are instructed by qualified coaches and that represent a sustainable sports experience.

         Kidsport Ontario

Lace’Em Up Foundation for Kids

  • Online application opens in June and closes in August.
  • A first come first serve basis so one needs to apply as soon as possible as the foundation might run out of money later in the summer.
  • Only fund registration fees.  No other fees will be considered for funding.
  • A hockey registration invoice must be supplied.
  • Only accept online applications


10.  Does the association offer installment payments for registration fees?

IMHA recognizes that the cost of hockey can be a challenge. As such, we offer an installment program to help offset the costs.


To take full advantage of this program, you MUST register early.  The longer you wait, the fewer installments you will have and the more you must pay in a single transaction.


IMHA must cover fixed Fees such as the costs of jerseys and OMHA fees during the initial transaction.  For this reason, fees for our younger ages where the fee is 300 dollars or less do not qualify for installments.


Registration will open on May 1st for all age groups.



Installments are offered as follows.



MAY 1 - Initial Payment – 50% of the total amount

- 100% of the balance     on          06-01



MAY 1 – Initial Payment - 30% of the total amount

- 50% of the balance       on          06-01

- 50% of the balance       on          07-04



MAY 1 – Initial Payment 25% of the total amount

- 34% of the balance       on          06-01

- 33% of the balance       on          07-04

- 33% of the balance       on          08-01


U14 & Up           

MAY 1 – Initial Payment - 25% of the total amount

- 25% of the balance       on          06-01

- 25% of the balance       on          07-01

- 25% of the balance       on          08-01

- 25% of the balance       on          09-01


11.  Will IMHA offer the Jersey Vanity Number program this year?

a.      Yes.  The program will continue as it did last year.  Please make sure you answer the questionnaire during the registration process. 

b.     You can review the program details below


This year Local League players and Goalies will have the opportunity to choose a vanity number.  Further, these Jerseys will be yours to keep once the season ends.  Due to the complexity of making a program like this a reality there are some limitations.

During registration, you will be asked to choose 5 different numbers. Children born in odd birth years will choose an odd number, (17,35,79,97.etc...) and children born in even birth years will choose an even number (22,46,88..etc).  Numbers range from 1 – 99.  As an example, a 2009 Player could choose #1 and a 2010 player could choose #66.


We will be sending out a questionnaire to former rep players about keeping their original number or changing it should the player make the rep team that they are trying out for this year. That will follow once registration has been completed. For now, you can choose any odd or even numbers to proceed through the registration process in congruence with your birth year.


If you register late you will be given a generic number and size. 


NRP’s will also get a generic number and size given to them once making a team. If they wish to change to another jersey number this will be an additional cost to them. As long as there is no conflict with numbers already assigned to that team.


Number choice is first come first serve.  Unfortunately, we have no way to allow everyone to choose a custom number.  This was the best way we could come up with to try to enable kids to at least have some more choice than in previous years.




It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the jersey is the correct size.  Please follow the steps below;



1.      Please try on last year’s jersey or any jersey that you may have over top of the shoulder pads or chest protector. Check movement of the player, looking for the fit (is it tight, loose)

2.      Remove jersey and lay flat. Using the sizing chart measure in inches and match the appropriate size to your child, moving up or down depending on what you saw during the fitting stage. 

3.      Once you feel confident input the jersey size. 

4.      The sizing chart is below for reference and can also be found online at


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