Registration (Innisfil Minor Hockey)


Registration for 2021– 2022 Season

Please take the time to read the following information carefully before proceeding to Online Registration for the 2021 / 2022 Season. The link to the actual Registration page is at the bottom of this page.  Everyone must register online.

Hockey Canada has launched a new e-registration system which means any previously used login/password you may have used in the old system will no longer work. ALL REGISTRANTS IN THIS SYSTEM WILL HAVE TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT by following the online instructions. This new system will also sync your e-Hockey (coach) accounts as well as your player registration accounts. 

*If you are applying for funding, please contact our registrar to assist you with the registration process.  Due to the funding, registration must be done manually at this time.  You can reach Lucas by email at [email protected] *

Step 1; Click HERE to sign up for a new account.

Step 2; Link your child or children to your new Account. Once you sign up you can do a search for your children within the registry by name and date of birth.  You do not need the HCR number.  Once you find them and link them to your account.  See below for a link to tutorials to help guide you through this process.

Step 3; Proceed to Innisfil’s Registration Page and sign your children up for the current season. Read the rest of the document before proceeding to the registration page (link at bottom of page)


Click here for tutorials to assist you with the registration process.  If you encounter an issue please contact our registrar for help [email protected]

Please choose the registration option that matches your child’s year of birth.  Please click HERE to find the Age Reference Chart posted under the Registration tab on our website.

IMHA Jersey Vanity Number Program




For support regarding Jerseys please contact the Director of Apparel Jason Black by email at [email protected]



This year some Local League players and Goalies will have the opportunity to choose a vanity number.  Further, these Jerseys will be yours to keep once the season ends.  Due to the complexity of making a program like this a reality there are some limitations.


During registration, you will be asked to choose 5 different numbers. Children born in odd birth years will choose an odd number, (17,35,79,97.etc...), and children born in even birth years will choose an even number (22,46,88..etc).  Numbers range from 1 – 99.  As an example, a 2009 Player could choose #1 and a 2010 player could choose #66.


We will be sending out a questionnaire to former rep players about keeping their original number or changing it should the player make the rep team that they are trying out for this year. That will follow once registration has been completed. For now, you can choose any odd or even numbers to proceed through the registration process in congruence with your birth year.


If you register late you will be given a generic number and size. 


NRP’s will also get a generic number and size given to them once making a team. If they wish to change to another jersey number this will be an additional cost to them. As long as there is no conflict with numbers already assigned to that team.


Number choice is first come first serve.  Unfortunately, we have no way to allow everyone to choose a custom number.  This was the best way we could come up with to try to enable kids to at least have some more choice than in previous years.




It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the jersey is the correct size.  Please follow the steps below;



1.    Please try on last year’s jersey or any jersey that you may have over top of the shoulder pads or chest protector. Check movement of the player, looking for the fit (is it tight, loose) 

2.    Remove jersey and lay flat. Using the sizing chart measure in inches and match the appropriate size to your child, moving up or down depending on what you saw during the fitting stage. 

3.    Once you feel confident input the jersey size. 

4.    The sizing chart is below for reference   

To register to play hockey in Innisfil please click HERE


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