2022 Meeting Minutes (Innisfil Minor Hockey)

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Innisfil Minor Hockey Association - Annual General Meeting
Wednesday May 18 @ 7PM - Stroud

Start time: 7:40 PM
Attendance: 10 board members, 20 members
Review Voting Powers

President Welcome Speech
Karrie Copelli (VP) welcomes and introduces herself as the chair for the meeting as Sean
Knight was unable to attend.

Approval of the AGM minutes
Motion: Elizabeth Brennan
2nd: Mike Dolby
All in favour: approved

Approval of the agenda
Motion Vince Charlebois
2nd: Tom Brennan
All in favour: approved

Annual Report
Frank Casciaro (Treasurer)
Thanks the board for their patients during his term as this is his first year as treasurer. Will
speak more once we get to the annual report of the treasurer regarding budgets.

Tom Brennan (Director of Rep)
The 2021/2022 season presented minor hockey with lots of hurdles and challenges that needed
to be overcome, and thankfully the players and parents of IMHA were up to the challenge.
Regardless of the team covid shutdowns, the mid-season shutdown and all challenges that
were presented to our membership the IMHA was able to not only succeed but thrive.
The IMHA was able to register teams at all representative levels from U9A to U18A for the
2021/2022 season. The IMHA also had 2 teams, U18A and U15A, attend and compete in the
OMHA playdowns. The IMHA U14A team were semi-finalists in the YSMHL championships and
the IMHA U16A team were YSMHL Champions.
The IMHA Board of Director’s would like to congratulate all our teams on their successful
seasons and wish them luck in the upcoming 2022/2023 season.
I would also like to thank all my fellow board members for all their hard work over the season,
what we accomplished could not have been done without the help of the entire board.
I would like to thank our Coaches, Managers and Bench staff without whom we would not have
been able to complete the season. Coaches, Managers, and Bench staff are vital to ensuring
that the players have a great season and that our program continues to grow and flourish.
As we have learned over the last 2 seasons, Minor Hockey is very important to the mental and
physical health of the youth in our community. It is only through the hard work and dedication of
all our volunteers that we are able to offer a great representative hockey program for our
Moving forward Innisfil Minor Hockey will be restarting talks with Bradford Minor Hockey about
amalgamating our Representative Hockey programs into one Program that can offer AA, A and
BB/MD at all levels for players in our region. This move toward amalgamation will provide a
program that our members have been asking for, the ability for players to play AA hockey in
their own centre. These talks are just restarting and we will have more details and information in
the fall.

Jason Black (Purchasing & Equipment)
There were hiccups with the vanity numbers. Most kids got to pick their numbers last season.
Will be moving head with the vanity numbers again this season.
Wendy Nelson (Secretary)
Nothing really to report from the past season expects the role to evolve more with hockey
returning to normal in the upcoming season.

Karrie Copelli (Vice President)
Overall, this year was a great success. The Season started off with many challenges presented
by Covid that caused adjustments to policy and procedures and many pauses for the players.
For the most part members handled all the rapidly changing policies very well and all pauses
were met with patience. Having a membership that is understanding that the board had to
make so many changes on the fly, was at the mercy of other parties for communication and
procedural changes and that we truly did our best was very much appreciated. It was not a
perfect season, but everyone did their best.
As the season progressed and the covid rules eased, our teams found their groove and we had
so many amazing achievements by so many teams. It was a pleasure to see so many positive
outcomes during a year of uncertainty and change.
The town was very open for discussions and to working together to ensure quick resolutions
and to communicate as needed regarding changes. It was a mutual respectful partnership that
helped with the enjoyment of the season for all
I am very grateful to my fellow board members who were understanding and patient as we
worked through the various changes, and it was a pleasure to serve as Vice President of the
IMHA board once again. I hope to continue this journey helping to make a positive impact on
the progress and growth of our association and on the sport of hockey in Innisfil.

Vince Charlebois (Director of Risk)
The 2021-22 hockey season went by relatively smoothly with only a few minor injuries reported.
I do have concerns as to how our membership conducts itself in the public eye.

Kevin Culhane (Director of Development & Select)
It was another challenging year for Development with lockdowns and lack of ice. IMHA is
planning on partnering with 400 Cup to provide PEP Development for IMHA teams in 2022-23.
We are also looking to do away with Friday night development and move to a different model. A
committee has been established and work will continue with this project over the summer.
The Select teams continued to rock in 2021-22 with a combined record of 23-6-6. The 2022-23
season will bring MD to our association and more opportunities for players aspiring to play Rep
in the future.
Thank you for your continued support of IMHA programming.

Wayne Anderson (Director of U9 and Below)
This season was a success in the context of a covid year. We rostered 126 players over 7
17 kids in U5 Intro were coached by Scott Grover of The Science of Skating. These kids had an
outstanding year. Some going from not being able to stand to fully skating within a few short
U7 had 47 skaters. These teams were split into 3 teams. Two teams were House league and 1
was Local league. All teams were very successful this season and are looking forward to next
U8 LL had 14 kids and saw great strides in development as well as success in games in our
local loop.
U8MD had 17 Kids. This team made great progress through the season. Development was a
key focus for this group.
U9LL had 15 skaters. This group was focussed on half ice play until Jan 15th at which time they
went full ice. They continued to develop and had a great season as well as making new friends.
U9A had 16 kids. This group saw great success as well this season. Coming home with gold in
the King City Tournament. And, only losing two games throughout the regular season.
This season we were able to work with the town to create an implementation program for the
use of the hockey boards. It is our goal to continue to work with the town to develop a strategy
that sees the boards used at every game in the U9 and Below divisions.
To conclude, I'd like to thank all the volunteers. Without them the season wouldn't be such a
success. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Rick Earhart (Director of Local League)
Advises this will be his last year on the board and has been with IMHA for 7 years.
SRLL had a pretty successful season. Bantam U15 1 won the consolation finals. Peewee‘s
team 2 and 3 made to the final. Trophies were given and hats were handed out to all 3 Peewee
teams. Atom championship series between 2 Innisfil teams
All teams were balanced. Thanked coaches and staff and gives a description of the position
details for the next Locally League Director

Keegan Dunn (Director of Fundraising & Sponsorship)
After being appointed director, I received a list of previous sponsors to IMHA. I sent out e-mails
to them as well as reaching out to new business to see what interest there was. While some
repeated as sponsors, and a few new ones joined, I found the most common answer given was,
not right now. Covid had punished small business, and most people weren’t sure if it was
something they wanted to do. Having said that individual team sponsors at Rep and some at LL
were good and I approved a lot of them. Moving forward after the AGM I will resend out emails.
And continue looking for more sponsors for our LL.
Pictures were a learning experience my first time through. We were able to connect with a
Photography company and set up 2 dates, one for LL and one for Rep. We also set up two
make up dates for those who couldn’t make it. All in all, this process went well. Moving forward
I have already secured the companies business again for this year coming and the dates will be
given out much earlier so that teams can plan better.
Night with the colts. This an event that we try to do annually. It’s a great evening out for teams
to get together, and for the organization to be recognized during a Barrie Colt game. After
settling on a date in February, the OHL banned all participants from rinks, and we were forced to
cancel. Again, moving forward, I will set this up earlier in the year and hopefully we can all get
to enjoy a night out together.
Trophies (league) This prob went the smoothest. We only had one team that was short 1
trophy. Not bad considering we had over 340 players registered, plus select that had to be
added in. The trophy company was great and delivered on time. I will be using them again this
coming year. Hoping to get LL done first as they finish ahead of REP.

Karrie Copelli on behalf of Lucas Crossley (Registrar)
For the 2021-2022 season there were approximately 350 registrants down 5% due to Covid.
Started using HCR 3.0 The system started just days before registration opened last season.
Was a learning curve.
Tom Brennan notes that 5% decline was a healthy number as some centres experienced 40%
drop in registration over the pandemic.

Annual Treasurer Report
Frank goes over the budgets from 21-22 and the proposed budgets for the 22-23 season. Frank
mentions that he is an accountant by trade and he did not get approval from his firm to do
IMHAs taxes he will be looking for an outside source, which will be done this summer. Thanks
the board for their patience. He was able to reconcile and everything balanced at the end.

Tom Brennan mentions that the cost of Ice has stayed the same for the last 2 years along with
ref fees everything is expected to go up. Ref fees to go up 8-10%
Karrie Copelli has been working with 400 cup.
In the past we have ran Innisfil Fun Fest it has always been a success but has been a large
undertaking to run & getting volunteers, thuu it’s season 400 Cup will take over. We were able to
run one tournament this year, the 2nd cancelled due to Covid. it was a great success. We have
two tournaments confirmed for the 22-23 season: a rep & a local league. We are waiting for
approval on a 3rd tournament. It is a great way for MHA to bring in income.

Shauna Black and Ray Lavigne were nominated as vote counters

Nomination and Election of New Members

Karrie Copelli advises that Sean Knight is resigning from the board as president mid term. He
has sent his resignation by email on Tuesday, May 17.
To be elected for president you would have had to serve on the board for at least the past 2

Wendy Nelson nominates Tom Brennan
2nd: Kevin Culhane
Tom Brennan accepts
Motion passed

Vice President
Kevin Culhane nominates Karrie Copelli
2nd: Vince Charlebois
Karrie Copelli accepts
Motion passed

Kevin Culhane nominates Wendy Nelson
2nd: Jason Black
Karen Mitchell nominates Courtney Ward
2nd: Jason Ward
Courtney Ward elected and accepts position
Motion passed

Director of Local League
Wendy Nelson nominates Mike Anderson
2nd: Tom Brennan
Mike Anderson acccepts
Motion passed

Director of U9 and Below
Wayne Anderson nominates Terry Jackson
2nd: Kevin Culhane
Terry Jackson accepts
Motion passed

Director of Purchasing and Equipment
Courtney Ward nominates Karen Mitchell
2nd: Vince Charlebois
Karen Mitchell accepts
Motion passed

Director of Communication
Kevin Culhane nominees Wayne Anderson
2nd: Terry Jackson
Wayne Anderson accepts
Motion passed

Wendy Nelson nominates Lucas Crossley
2nd: Kevin Culhane
Lucas Crossley accepts through absentee form.
Motion passed

Director of Coaching
Vince Charlebois nominates Kevin Culhane
2nd: Rick Earhart
Kevin accepts
Motion passed

Director of Development
Courtney Ward nominates Vince Charlebois
2nd: Jason Black
Vince Charlebois accepts
Motion passed

Director of Risk Management
Keegan Dunn nominates Mike Dolby
2nd: Wayne Anderson
Shauna Black nominates Natalie Whitehouse
2nd: Jason Black
Neither nominee currently has their trainers; whoever is elected must obtain trainer‘s certificate.
Mike Dolby elected and accepts
Motion passed

Director of Rep
Kevin Culhane nominates Jason Black
2nd: Keegan Dunn
Jason accepts
Motion passed

Wendy Nelson motions to adjourn
2nd: Rick Earhart
Motion passed
Time: 8:15 PM