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Aug 28, 2023 | Steve Grass | 163 views
A Beginner's Guide to Hockey Equipment and Fit
Are you a new to hockey parent? It can be a little overwhelming to try and figure out what you need for equipment and how its supposed to fit. We’re here to help!

The Basics of Hockey Equipment

To begin their hockey adventure, your child will need a range of equipment to stay safe and fully engage in the game. The following list highlights the essential items your young hockey player will need:

  1. Helmet: A certified hockey helmet is a non-negotiable piece of equipment. It protects your child's head from potential impacts and falls on the ice.
  2. Skates: Proper-fitting ice skates provide stability and mobility. Look for skates that offer ankle support and are comfortable for your child to wear.
  3. Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, and Shin Guards: These protective gear pieces shield your child's upper and lower body from impacts and collisions while on the ice.
  4. Gloves: Hockey gloves provide grip on the stick and protect your child's hands from the cold and sticks, pucks and skates.
  5. Hockey Pants: These padded pants offer additional protection for the hips and thighs. They are designed to minimize injuries from falls and collisions.
  6. Practice Jersey and Socks: Your child will need a team jersey and socks. As part of our programming these are provided to all players. Our U5 and U7 programs will all receive Timbits jerseys and socks but it is good to have spares in your player’s hockey bag.
  7. Hockey Stick: A hockey stick is a crucial tool for gameplay. Without skates on, experts recommend a stick that touches underneath the nose but no lower than bottom of the chin when stood upright, shaft perpendicular to the ground. (see diagram below)
  8. Mouthguard: A mouthguard helps protect your child's teeth and mouth from accidental injuries. It is also often instinct to bite down before an impact, and a mouthguard gives a player something to bite into. Mouthguards have a secondary function, though, as a shock absorber. Any significant blow to the chin can result in a force that travels from the chin to the jaw bone, into the teeth and facial bones.
  9. Neck Guard: This piece of equipment is designed to protect the neck and throat area from stray pucks, sticks and skates. A BNQ Certified neck guard is required by all players under Hockey Canada.
  10. Jock or Jill Strap: For boys, a proper-fitting jock strap and for girls a Jill strap provide essential protection.


Getting Started

To assist with the proper fitting of the equipment listed above, what this equipment fit guide by Hockey Canada.


How to buy?

To help you get started, Canadian Tire offers a comprehensive selection of hockey equipment kits tailored to beginners. These kits often include a combination of the essential gear mentioned above, making it convenient for parents to acquire all the necessary items in one go. You can find these kits on the Canadian Tire website CLICK HERE to View.

Other retailers offer these types of kits as well. Feel free to do you homework here.

Used equipment can be a cost effective way to proceed as well. Facebook Marketplace and retailers such as Stroud Sports (located at IRC) and Play it Again Sports offer used equipment that can help lighten the cost. We highly recommend a new helmet for all beginner players. We do not recommend purchasing used helmets. 

Equipping your child with the right hockey gear is a crucial step towards a safe and enjoyable hockey experience. With the proper equipment in hand, your young player can focus on developing their skills, making friends, and falling in love with the game of hockey. Remember to prioritize safety and comfort when choosing equipment. Get ready to watch your child hit the ice with confidence and enthusiasm!

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